What are the benefits of using MangoZyte?

MangoZyte has been proven to work via multiple pathways to promote effective fat loss by such mechanisms and benefits:

1. Lose Weight
Inhibiting a-amylase activity, reducing the absorption of sugar

2. Lower Cholesterol
Reducing glucoose levels and insulin induced lipogenesis

3. Lower Blood Pressure
Reducing adipocyte triglycerides and the glucose 3 phodate dehydrogenase enzyme (thus inhibiting the conversion of glycerol to triglycerides)

4. Increase Energy
Lowering serum leptin levels


Mangozyte consists of one single ingredient:

Pure 100% Irvingia Gabonensis direct from Bora Bora!
We are only one of two companies in North America to have the authentic Irvingia Gabonensis used in the now famous published human clinical trials.
MangoZyte Bora Bora
Irvingia Gabonensis is widely considered the premier natural compound in the world for proven weigh loss results. Until something else comes along which stronger studies or more research backing it up, nothing, and we mean nothing is as proven or effective a pure Irvingia Gabonensis. We are proud to be able to offer it to you.